Manual Development for Safe Childhood Programme

Following the success of Safe Motherhood Programme, we are in the process of launching the Safe Childhood Programme. Two interns from University of Kent, Wuraola Obadahun and Joshna Ganger will be working on creating manuals to be used by community health workers for standardising care of newborns and infants. Here they talk about the groundwork that has been done before they arrive in India next week and start their work with the health team at Hunar Ghar.

Hi! We are two third year medical students at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. We took a year out to do an intercalated BSc in Management in Primary Care at the University of Kent where we were linked to Educate for Life. Our degree was centred on primary care and its related specialties, one being public health. With the foundations of each laid, this opportunity to travel to India, leave our comfort zones and be part of something so incredible where we could see and put in practice what we learnt, was timely.

The Safe Motherhood Programme run by Educate for Life in Bakhel has been well received by the villagers. Due to its success, we will be working to expand the programme to cover newborn to infant care. Our project includes developing the ‘Mother and Child Records’ to be used by the community health workers to document their various interactions with mother and child. Then we will be working on the ‘Mother-Baby Booklets’ to be given to every mother which aims to broaden their knowledge and provide advice as to how best to care for their baby. We will be mainly using pictures to convey the message in these booklets. Finally, the ‘manual’, will be developed further to enable the health workers to provide the same standard of care to every mother they encounter.

So far we have been working on completing the mother and child records, booklets and manual prior to our arrival in India giving Educate for Life enough time to interpret them to Hindi in time for our trip! We are looking forward to our arrival in early June for a period of 4 weeks to carry out our project. We are in the process of preparing for our visit and still have many tasks to complete from confirming our visa applications, arranging vaccinations and finding the correct clothing to packing necessities (can’t forget the mosquito repellent!).

This is an experience we are sure to always remember and we are fortunate enough to share our journey with Educate for Life who have been hugely supportive and we look forward to meeting the team in person very soon!

Above all, we are enthusiastic about learning the culture in Bakhel and to be a part of the community for the short time we are there. Through the project, we hope to make a real difference to the Safe Motherhood programme and improve the lives of families in the area.

Joshna and Wuraola have set up their own JustGiving page for donations to Educate for Life.