Providing mentorship to Hunar Ghar teachers

In continuation of systematic efforts to build capacity of the education team at Hunar Ghar, mentorship is being provided to the teachers by Madhu Sareen. We got to know Madhu through her husband Dr. Sareen, who has been supporting our health programmes for many years by offering free consultation and expertise. Madhu has decades of experience in school leadership and has run a rural school for marginalised children near Udaipur.

Madhu agreed to provide training on leadership to teachers at Hunar Ghar and has been offering one to one mentoring to the leadership team at Hunar Ghar.

There have been a series of engagements with Madhu, where she visited Hunar Ghar in April followed by a meeting with Hunar Ghar teachers at her residence in Udaipur in May.

Madhu’s visit to Hunar Ghar included classroom observation in the classes. As shared by Hunar Ghar Principal Chandrakant – “Madhu ji made several suggestions on use of resources like charts, toys and other playthings in Balwadi to stimulate neuro-motor skills in young children. She suggested that children should not be given written work to begin with. Rather, the approach towards teaching Balwadi classes should be more activity-based. She also made useful suggestions on teaching specific subjects. One such example was teaching sentence construction by explaining different meanings that emerge.”

In her own words – “When I think of Hunar Ghar School, it is a perfect example of informal teaching learning system. Each and every member of the staff is very positive and eager to learn more and more. I could see that at least 75 percent implementation is done for all the inputs provided by me. I myself personally take it as a great achievement.

I got the chance and sufficient time to be in each class and witness the activities.  The glow, curiosity on the faces of children was self-explanatory. The best part in all the classes was that the pattern of teaching was interactive and full of enthusiasm.

There is still a lot to do and I am continuously in touch with Chandrakantji. I have decided to have meetings with staff at least once every month.”

Madhu will also be conducting workshops for teachers for the upcoming June Orientation. These workshops will play an important role in aligning the teachers with the vision of Educate for Life and further shaping our approach for holistic development of children along with reading and writing.

Providing mentorship to teachers is also a crucial step towards providing mentorship to children. As explained by Educate for Life, Co-founder and CEO Ed Forrest in his article on enhancing child-led learning, mentorship fosters autonomy for the learners which further increases their confidence and independence and improves integrated understanding. We believe that Madhu’s interactions with Hunar Ghar teachers will enable the teachers to build similar mentorship-based relationships with their students.