Developing Arts Education at Hunar Ghar

By December 27, 2015Education, India

Gauri Kaulgud, an arts based therapy practitioner from Bangalore, has just spent three days at Hunar Ghar leading a workshop for our Class 5 and Class 6 children. The focus was on using art as a medium for self-reflection, expression and understanding. This was an introductory workshop and has enabled Gauri to get to know some of our Hunar Ghar pupils with a view to working with them on a more regular basis. We are excited to be opening up new learning opportunities to our pupils to ensure that Hunar Ghar enables children to develop their imaginations and ability to express themselves as well as their academic skills…

From the 15th to the 17th of December Gauri Kaulgud ran an arts-based therapy workshop at Hunar Ghar involving over 30 of our Class 5 and Class 6 pupils. Hunar Ghar Principal, Chandrakant Sharma, observed the workshop which focused on how the children perceived themselves. Over the three days, the pupils explored how they worked as a group and as individuals.  Gauri used a range of games and exercises, in particular using drama and movement. The pupils enjoyed developing their awareness of their emotions and their bodies and exploring different ways of communicating.

Gauri enjoyed the time she spent at Hunar Ghar and is keen to return and run further workshops. In her own words:

“It was a lovely experience to be with children at Hunar Ghar.  It was definitely a two way learning process, for me and the children, I hope.  It was amazing how quickly they could show their originality in each game or activity we did, as soon as I just trusted them. They all are full of potential, each one choosing different ways to express it or show it.  I am definitely looking forward to working with these children, in the near future, consistently. Thank you Hunar Ghar for having me.”

We are looking forward to hosting further visits from Gauri as part of our plans to continually improve the quality of education that we offer at Hunar Ghar. By bringing external experts to Hunar Ghar to share their skills with our teachers and pupils, we can increase the range of learning experiences we are able to offer.

It is our vision to create Hunar Ghar as a space where arts – from drawing to dance and drama – are a major part of what children learn.  This is quite a departure from the traditional focus of rural schools in India. This kind of innovation is what sets Hunar Ghar apart and we are proud to be at the forefront of demonstrating how interactive learning experiences develop children’s confidence and creativity as well as their ability to understand themselves and others. Key life skills which are just as important as academic ones.