Back to School?

By September 1, 2015Campaign, Education

Do you remember going back to school as a child? For us, it was simply part of growing up, but for 537 children in Bakhel, a remote community in rural India, going to school is not part of childhood.  For them, and 59 million children worldwide, education remains out of reach. But you can help change that. Take a trip down memory lane and raise awareness of children around the world who won’t be back in school this week. Share your old school photos on social media using the hashtag #backtoschool and tag your friends to encourage them to share theirs too! 

Today, we are launching Back to School?, a campaign to raise awareness of the ongoing global need for open, fully staffed, functional schools offering quality education for all and also to request support to enable children living in Bakhel to attend school.  You can support our Back to School? campaign by posting or tweeting a picture of yourself in school uniform, perhaps along with a picture of your children on their first day back at school this week, and sharing a link to our campaign page:

Going to school is something we all take for granted. Getting new school shoes and stationary signals the end of the summer holidays and the start of a new school year. This week, children across the UK will either start or return to school. In India, the school year starts in July, so children who are lucky enough to go to school have returned already.

Hunar Ghar, the school built and run by Educate for Life, makes holistic and quality education accessible to first generation rural learners.  Learning outcomes for children at Hunar Ghar are impressive – the children achieve literacy and numeracy skills 20-30% above the rural state average.  They are learning English and developing 21st century skills such as confidence, creativity, responsibility and teamwork.

258 children are enrolled at Hunar Ghar, but there are 795 school-age children in Bakhel, leaving 537 out of school. Thanks to a generous grant from the British & Foreign School Society and our successful crowdfunder, we are currently constructing four new classrooms to enrol 90 more children this year.

This still leaves 447 children in Bakhel without any access to reliable schooling. We’re busy working to secure funding to build more classrooms and our ultimate aim is to enrol every child in Bakhel into Hunar Ghar.

However, we can only provide education to children in Bakhel with your support. You can help by becoming a Friend of Educate for Life, and showing your support for quality education for all by posting your and your children’s #backtoschool photos on social media, and getting your friends to do so too.

Thank you!