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By April 10, 2015India, Intern News

We were pleased to be joined by our new intern, Mégan Muller, this week. She will be working with us until the end of August. She’ll spend two months working in our office in London, then travel to India to spend two and a half months at Hunar Ghar.

Mégan is Masters student from the University of Evry near Paris. She is studying “Coopération & Solidarité Internationale”. Her interest is in the conception, management, and following of projects, which she would like to do working for an educational charity in the future.

Mégan’s internship role is education focussed. Her role is to manage the systems that structure an academic year at Hunar Ghar, and the support we need to give our teachers to be able to realise our expectations and education quality development plans in the school. This means creating clear systems that help our teachers feel well supported to fulfil their roles.

A key part of supporting our teachers at the beginning of the academic year is the ‘June Orientation’, a two week period just before school re-commences in July. We use it to: review our child protection policy with the team; set expectations of new teachers and introduce them to our working culture; clarify roles of existing team; build team cohesion and prepare for new student enrolment in July. The aims that we set for ourselves during the orientation period are then maintained and reviewed on a weekly basis at whole team meetings every Saturday.

June 2014 was the first year we had such a long and involved orientation session. Mégan will spend the next two months in our UK office developing plans, tools and documentation for this year’s June orientation. She will be responsible for the management and development of this project, but will be supported by our CEO Ed and guided for context by our Hunar Ghar principal Chandrakant Sharma. She will then travel to Hunar Ghar at the beginning of June. Once in India, she will oversee the implementation of the June orientation.  She will also oversee the implementation of all the processes that take place at the beginning of an academic year before she departs from India at the end of August.

In this way, we can ensure that the Hunar Ghar team are well prepared for the year, leading to an increase in the quality of educational outcomes at Hunar Ghar, and an increase in the potential impact of our work.

We’re really happy to welcome Mégan to the team to join us in supporting the children and community of Bakhel. Mégan herself will be blogging here, so look forward to future updates from her.

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  • GL GIL says:

    thanks, I don’t know eng. write in hindi…… aapka kam … helpful ideas…. gahri soch…. dil se team wrk karna…… edu. lead…. hunar ghar … in raj. . I want …give some ….. for hunar ghar , but I am a poor farmer’s son . I have a pvt. school in my village DHORIMANA.(BARMER) RAJ. I WANT u & our team round in my village . .. understand . .. edu. . . .all poor farmer’s son ka edu estar. . . .we want ki aapki team yhan bhi kam kare . . . . . thanks for MEGAN & TEAM.