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Homali devi

For all those who been following progress about the mobile clinic and Hunar Ghar healthcare reading this can be exciting.

In February we had an annual review meeting with Global Hospital’s mobile clinic team. The meeting was really fruitful and we identified several areas which needed immediate attention from both side. In the upcoming months we plan many healthcare activities. Outcomes of this meeting:

  • Mobile clinic continue on a two time monthly basis
  • Mobile clinic will moving between 2 or 3 sites each time to make sure the its resources are being well utilised and accessible to all.
  • Eye camp to be organised every 6 months.
  • One of the Hunar Ghar teacher/team being trained in doing simple visual field checks.
  • Child health check up at Hunar Ghar every 6 months • We will liaise with Government of Rajasthan about a more thorough paediatric examinations and screening of children at the time of enrolment in school on a annual basis, in order to pick up missed congenital/developmental issues.
  • Similarly, the possibility of a catch up immunisation programme, vitamin A & De- worming for children at the school.

The population of the area is always well informed about the healthcare available at the mobile clinic. It’s not an easy task to advertise and explain the activities of the clinic to the population. It’s not like we can hang up a poster in the village announcing the opening hours and what we do(as many people are illiterate). We are, however, sure that there is need for the clinic as the birth rate in our target area is very high and most of the mothers and children in the area do not have any kind of medical follow up by anyone and there is an absence of well trained doctors and midwives at the Primary Health Centre.

Vishnu Madam, Kankubai and Gopal visit every hamlet and inform families they can attend the mobile clinic if anyone in the family is unwell. Mobile clinic is twice a month, on the second and fourth Saturdays. At the most recent clinic this weekend I got the chance to chat with patients and asked them about their experiences of mobile clinic service. It wasn’t a formal evaluation, but it is important to be familiar with user’s perspectives on services. Here’s what they shared with me in their words:

“For a long time I was suffering from joint problems, I could not walk from one place to another. I thought it was because I am old, and no-one in my family can take me to hospital for higher treatment. But when I heard about the mobile clinic I came for a check up. You won’t believe that as a result of the clinic’s regular medicines my problem improved and now I can walk again. Now whenever I get ill I come to the mobile clinic by self, and now I don’t need any one with me.” – Homali devi

Homali devi


Homali devi shares her experiences about the mobile clinic

Mali devi and Harki devi both think that mobile clinic is a very good service for Bakhel village, “We don’t need to travel 5 km to the Primary Health Centre, but it will be better for us if the mobile clinic can provide us with 10 days of medicine instead of 3 to 4 days.”

Ramila is a very shy woman who never used to go to the Primary Health Centre or any other health centre for treatment. But this day when she became unwell she came to the mobile clinic for a check up. She told me that, “This service is provided by Hunar Ghar and Vishnu madam & you are available here that’s why I came for check up. I trust you that I can explain my problems with you and you will help me with doctor’s treatment process.”

Since the mobile clinic started in November 2012 till date it has provided a quality, reliable and caring healthcare service to more than 2000 patients in their local area. Vishnu Madam and Hunar Ghar’s staff are available at every mobile clinic to help patients successfully access the service. For the last two sessions we moved clinic in two sites each time, one in Anjani area and the second in Bakhel.

This change has been very successful as many patient from Jhanjhar and Anjani area – who used to have to walk several kilometres to reach the mobile clinic, can now access health care in their local area, so now more and more people can receive our mobile clinic’s service.

Our service doesn’t stop here: if during treatment it is identified that a patient needs further higher treatment or any laboratory test then they are referred to another health centre. From here our next step/service is start ie. a referral service. Vishnupriya personally accompanies the patient to the other hospital for further treatment and follows up with them at home to verify their health status. Our health team is always ready to help this community to have better health.

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  • Hetty Smith says:

    Such a vital initiative, and so well thought through – such as accompanying a person to the hospital. Fantastic.