A view into Neha’s reflections

By March 19, 2012Uncategorized

Every two weeks Neha must submit a report to Indicorps of what she’s been up to and what she’s been thinking over that time. It’s a great documentation process and excellent as a medium of clearly understanding what she’s been doing and what she’s planning next. I’m going to start blogging extracts of these posts to document online the kind of experience she’s had.

Here’s what she wrote about the first two days of March:

3/1 and 3/2 were the kids last two days at school before Holi vacation. I spent some time with Gopal on 3/1 teaching the kids about voting and we had them vote on which foods they wanted to make to celebrate Holi. Explaining that you could only vote for one thing took a while, but the kids understood and we ended up deciding on a menu of pakoras + gilabi, which was not the healthiest thing to eat, but it was a holiday! It was also a great day at home. I showed Gulab how the tippy-tap would work with the water bottle, and he immediately ran and built it for our house. I’m continuously thrilled and touched by Gulab’s excitement and fervor for learning new things…he just has something in him that really drives him to try new stuff. I wonder where it comes from, and hope its something he/I can instill in other children as well. On 3/2 the whole staff and students all teamed together to make the pakoras. Celebrations at Hunar Ghar are always really successful, and seeing the staff so motivated always reminds me that it is possible for them to be really interested in doing something. Most of the staff was occupied in the kitchen, so I did my class with the third graders about plastic and saving water. I used my computer to show pictures of the ocean and lakes and to do some visualizations about how much water there is in the world. I think using the computer is a good idea, but I have to be careful and not become dependent on it. In the afternoon I had another English lesson with Bhavri, who I hadn’t been able to find in a few days, and I taught her how to use the English-Hindi dictionary. Its always nice to spend time with her, but her exams are coming up so soon and I have no idea if she knows enough English to pass.