Scheffler comes to Hunar Ghar, and his reflectors are to follow

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I’ve had my fingers crossed all week. Why? Because I was hoping that Wolfgang Scheffler would come to Hunar Ghar to advise us on our solar cookers.   And it turns out it was worth it! Along with Stephen from the Global Hospital, he Heike and the rest of his sun-tracking gang came yesterday. We identified where to put up to 4 solar reflectors for cooking. We’ll start with two, and then we can expand to four later.

Solar cooking is really important to us for several reasons. The first is that in sunny Rajasthan it is a limitless source of free energy. Secondly, we normally cook on wood and deforestation is becoming a bit of a problem here. We’ll burn hundreds less trees over the coming decade as a result of having solar reflectors. Third, it helps in the definition of our intention to try and innovate in rural development using the most sustainable methods available, as well as acting to inspire all our students and potentially community with solar energy and make it seem that solar cooking is the norm, not more environmentally degrading alternatives.

So what’s the timeline for this excitement? We’ll ask Teddy to map the area where we plan to put the reflectors when he comes in March. This map will be sent to Heike and Wolfgang, and they’ll advise in where to order appropriate reflectors from as well as where to put the foundations for the reflectors in. The reflectors will then be made to order in Maharastra, sent here, and hopefully we’ll be cooking using sunlight by the end of the summer (although that is just me guessing, I have no idea how long it will take for them to make and send the order).

[singlepic id=34 w=620 h=470 float=center]

The man himself, pretending to dance like and Iberian

[singlepic id=35 w=620 h=470 float=center]

No solar reflectors …

[singlepic id=36 w=620 h=470 float=center]

… an artist’s impression of what Hunar Ghar will look like with Scheffler solar reflectors.