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Hunar Ghar is Thriving!

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Since opening Hunar Ghar in August 2007 with four classrooms and 60 children in kindergarten and class 1, and 3 teachers we’ve achieved a tremendous amount:

of free, quality education
free days of learning provided & free meals
children currently enrolled
full time team at Hunar Ghar
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No rest for the Hunar Ghar Project Manager!

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Kanan Silvera is the Hunar Ghar Project Manager.  Here she describes a typical busy day, rich with interactions with Hunar Ghar students, teachers at the school and members of the community.  Kanan’s busy schedule reflects the breadth of the work being undertaken by Educate for Life to ensure that the health and educational needs of the Bakhel community are met.

On cold morning the 12th December I was in field for household survey piloting.  While returning to Hunar Ghar I met Hunar Ghar’s 3rd & 6th class students, they were going Mandva.  I ask myself that during class time why they are going Mandva? I asked Bhuvnesh about this and he replies me that today is Friday and at Hunar Ghar every Friday is Community Learning Day. Oh no how I forgot this day. Friday morning is special day for every person working at Hunar Ghar. Yes its Community Day.

We are dedicated to offering continued learning opportunities throughout the years for teachers and children. Community Learning Day represents a unique approach to learning in community.   Read More


Safer Motherhood

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At Educate for Life, we want to make sure that babies in Bakhel have the best chance possible to reach school-going age.  In July 2013, we started a Safe Motherhood Programme which supports mothers throughout their pregnancies, at childbirth and then during their baby’s first year.   Our aim is to improve maternal health, birth outcomes and child health as well as helping the community to access essential government health services. Over 100 women have now benefited from the programme. Read More

What can we learn from a visit to the sweet shop?

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A sweet shop may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to the end of semester assessment, but that’s exactly where the Hunar Ghar class 5 students went in November for their ‘exams’.

At Hunar Ghar we’ve created something called Project-Based Assessment. Rather than simply putting our children in silent and intimidating exam conditions, we create projects for the children to engage in so they don’t even know they are being assessed.

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Are Health Camps an Effective Strategy? – Hunar Ghar-organised Eye Camp for Children and Community

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Organising health camps is one of the strategies adopted by government and non government organisations in India. I have generally observed that many times, a health camp run by a private hospital. The poor attend the camp with the aim of free check-ups and free treatment. When they do not get free treatment or relief for treatment expense they sometimes stop showing interest, whether it is beneficial for them or not. Read More