Our School Self Review Experience

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Last week Hunar Ghar underwent a School Self Review and Evaluation facilitated by Adhyayan. In a recent post Menaka Raman, Online Communications and Social Media Lead for Adhyayan, explained what the Adhyayan Quality Standard (AQS) assessment entails.  Ed Forrest, Founder and CEO of Educate for Life, has shared his experience of conducting the AQS at Hunar Ghar on the Adhyayan blog and we have reproduced his entry here…

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A family in Bakhel, one of 370 surveyed by our team.

First ever comprehensive survey of all households in Bakhel

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Our Hunar Ghar Project Manager, Kanan Silvera, and Community Health Coordinator, Vishnu Priya, have just completed the first ever comprehensive survey of every household in Bakhel. Here Akshay Patel, Founder and Trustee of Educate for Life, explains why the survey was necessary…

Back in January 2014, we gathered information from local government offices in Udaipur about the size of the five villages which make up Mandwa panchayat  (the area where Hunar Ghar is situated ) and the numbers of children attending government run schools in the area.  Armed with this data, our team then visited the villages and schools.  The aim was to understand their needs and to assess the proportions of children regularly attending local schools in order that we could plan how we might best support them and their surrounding communities.  What the team found was a real surprise. Read More

Luca competition

Our youngest ever fundraiser!

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Be inspired by our youngest ever fundraiser!

Hello.  My name is Luca.  I’m nine years old.  I live in a seaside town in the South East of England.  Six weeks ago I was visiting my Grandma and Grandad’s house in Derbyshire when, unfortunately, I slipped on the carpet and broke three bones in my right foot.  I’m sure you’ll agree that this isn’t the most interesting broken foot story.  So, I grasped the chance to raise some money for my Uncle Ed’s charity, Educate for Life… Read More

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Engaging Schools in a Self Review Process

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Later this month Hunar Ghar will under go a School Self Review and Evaluation facilitated and led by Adhyayan, an education movement of Indian and international educators committed to improving the quality of teaching, learning and educational leadership.  The process will enable us to identify what we are doing well and where we can improve.  Here Menaka Raman, Online Communications and Social Media Lead for Adhyayan, explains what the Adhyayan Quality Standard (AQS) assessment entails… Read More

Gopal leading SMC meeting

Making schools accountable to communities

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For some parents in the UK, the idea of a school management committee composed of teachers, parents, and other members of the local community, might fill them with dread as frustrating evenings dominated by Tiger Mums, Helicopter Dads, and others with an overbearing sense of entitlement.
But in places like rural India where schools are nascent, it is important that communities develop a sense of entitlement.  People need to understand what they should expect from a school and their children’s education.  Armed with this awareness, they can then play a role in holding their local school to account and ensuring a better educational experience for their children.

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