Incense stick making unit: A new start in Women Economic Self-Empowerment

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Hi friends, this blog especially for those who are interested in knowing what’s going in Women’s group. Today I am sharing with you progress we achieved to start Income Generation for this groups. This can be more exciting for all of you.

As you know that from 2012 two Women’s group are running in Bakhel village. And from last two year women have been saving money regularly and this money come from their household income. Within SHG as an organisation we have taken this opportunity to become generators of income to live a self sufficiency and sustained live. This journey starts from November 2013. Read More

Homali devi

Mobile Clinic + Hunar Ghar = Complete Community Healthcare

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For all those who been following progress about the mobile clinic and Hunar Ghar healthcare reading this can be exciting.

In February we had an annual review meeting with Global Hospital’s mobile clinic team. The meeting was really fruitful and we identified several areas which needed immediate attention from both side. In the upcoming months we plan many healthcare activities. Outcomes of this meeting: Read More

Hunar Ghar Exposure Trip

Student Exposure Trips to Learn From the Community

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On a sunny morning the 28 March teachers Shantilal and Prakash took students of standard 4 and 6 on an educational exposure trip, while students in other classes peeped through their windows in envy – learning under the deep blue sky and open fields is always an alluring prospect. Fortunately these other children needn’t be envious for long – every class in Hunar Ghar goes on a exposure trip every month. It is striking how quickly a child’s engagement with the syllabus changes when they know they are going on a exposure trip – an effect we appreciate: making memorable experiences where the children are engrossed in the lesson and learning. Read More

Musical theme composition with Hunar Ghar children

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शिक्षा और सामाजिक विकास के क्षेत्र में 2008 से कार्यरत एक संस्था हुनर घर जिसके अथक संघर्ष ओर समर्पण से शुरू हुर्इ कहानी आज अपने आप में व्यापक जनभागिता वाले सामुदायिक प्रयास में बदल चुकी है। सदीयो से अशिक्षा ओर अज्ञानता के अंधकार में जी रहे अरावली पर्वत माला के दुर्गम और दूर दराज के ग्रामिण एवं आदिवासी बालको के जीवन में शिक्षा और ज्ञान की नर्इ रोशनी लाने वाली संस्था के रूप में नाम कमाया। इच्छा शकित, अपूर्व लगन, अथक मेहनत, र्इमानदार प्रयासो , और गंभीर सामाजिक सोच के सहारे एक शिक्षित समाज की पुर्नस्थापना की ओर बढती यह संस्था अपने आप में अदभुत है। जहा वर्तमान में 194 आदिवासी बच्चे अध्ययनरत है। इसी कडी को आगे बढाते हुए आप से पुछा जाये कि एक बेहतर ओर आनंदित करने वाले सप्ताहांत का पैमाना क्या हो सकता है।आप थके हुऐ हो निरस भाव आपके मन में चल रहा हो तभी आपके पास अपने मित्र का फोन आये ओर बोले कि आज हुनर घर विधालय में अलग देश से आये हुए लोगो के द्वारा संगित कार्यक्रम हैं ओर वो बात पानी की बुंदे से उमडती सौंधी खुशबु को छुते हुऐ दिल को छु जाये तो कैसा प्रतित होगा।शायद हर कोर्इ इसको सोच सकता है। Read More


Personal Home Visits During Pregnancy Help Bakhel Women Feel More Supported

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Every pregnant woman hopes for an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby. However every minute of every day somewhere in the world, and most often in a developing country, a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth.

Many women have difficulty accessing quality health care due to poverty, distance, lack of information, inadequate services or cultural practices. All these difficulties are faced by Bakhel’s women. As you all know we are running our Safe Motherhood & Childhood Programme in Bakhel village. Sam (our intern who started this programme in co-ordination with Ash & Ed) already shared about this programme in her past blogs. Today I want to share with you some news from our latest home visits. Read More


A Survey To Understand Our Self-Help Groups

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When talking about community development in India we often hear about Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Usually composed of just women, many organisations, including Educate for Life, support marginalised people to form SHGs. Activities range from saving very small amounts of money to trying to solve community problems through collective action. In today’s blog I will tell you in how our  Self-Help Groups are working.

In Bakhel we have two self help groups called Sundhamata and Ambamata (these are names of local gods). They were both formed with Neha’s support in 2012. In total there are 26 women members. Since then they have conducted many meetings and exposure visits with very active participation of all members. Vishnu Priya is our health coordinator leading meetings twice a month. Read More


Celebrating Sportsmanship

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Although Kanan has already shared it with you, I take immense pleasure in sharing more about the two days sports event that happened at Hunar Ghar last week. Anything I write below or any of the pictures simply don’t do justice to what I felt during those two days.

We at Hunar Ghar celebrate sportsmanship every year through our annual sports tournament where we invite teams from local government schools to participate in the event. This provides the children at these schools a very rare opportunity to come out their school and meet children of same age from different schools and make friends. Not to forget it also gives the teachers from different school who are busy through the year handling 60 kids at a time or making rounds of government offices to keep the officials happy to come together for this event and enjoy a much more relax and high adrenaline atmosphere. Read More

girls running

A Really Successful Annual Sports Tournament

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Hello friends, today I am going to share with you one of Hunar Ghar’s special events; our Annual Sports Tournament.

The tournament is held over two days. Preparations for the tournament start one month advance. The Hunar Ghar Teachers’ Council decided on different committees to manage the responsibilities for this event such as ground monitoring committee, sitting arrangement committee, food in charge committee, health committee etc.  I really appreciate work of all staff member who make this event successful. Read More

Rose Foster's Fundraiser Book sale for Educate for Life

It’s Easy to Fundraise for Educate for Life

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We’re a tiny charity and depend entirely on the great support of individuals to allow us to support our community in India. That’s why it is so fantastic when you lovely people fundraise for us. That’s just what Rose Foster recently did, and she raised £400 with no problem at all. I’ll let Rose explain in her own words: Read More

Hunar Ghar Teacher Training at Vidhya Bhavan

Using Regular Training to Support and Develop Our Teachers

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Hi friends, I come with my new updates on what going in Hunar Ghar. Today I am going to update you on Hunar Ghar teacher’s capacity building. Hunar Ghar always thinks to provide quality of education for our students. But to provide quality based education teacher should have capacity to teach quality based. To help our teachers to this end, we arrange capacity building workshop for their teacher at Vidhya Bhavan every two months. Vidhya Bhavan is a big name in the field of education in Udaipur.

This month our teachers built their understanding of three main topics. 1. How to tell story from pictures. 2. How to make poem telling interesting 3. How to make lesson planning for a story Read More